Cameron Touchette

Website Developer & UX Designer
I am an aspiring Full Stack Developer who is currently seeking new challenges every day. My favorite part of being a Developer is experiencing new frameworks and languages and mastering them.
In 2017 I started participating in competitive typing, I can currently average 150WPM (Words Per Minute) which is incredibly fast considering the average typist is between 30-60WPM. I used to also have the second fastest WPM recorded on TypeRacer with a 272WPM in May of 2017. I'm currently ranked amongst the Top 50th in the world for TypeRacer.
On top of being a fast typist, I am also a "pro" gamer. I am currently participating in the #QuakeProLeague for Quake Champions. I recently qualified for Lucca, Italy where the top 24 players go head to head in a bracket-styled tournament for money. More information about the league can be found here.

Cameron is reliable, easy to talk to and produces quality content. I needed something simple and not too flashy and it was perfect.

- Kyle @ TSH Gaming

Cameron finished our How to Page in a timely and efficient manner. The backend work he did for us worked and worked well.

- Christopher Ochoa @ BitLounge

Cameron is fast, efficient, and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I needed a flexible design for the future, and he provided that.

- Alex MacOmber @ MetaJolt
1,600+ Tim Hortons
1,400+ Commits
65,000+ Lines


MetaJolt - Website Developer
Contract | April 2016 - July 2016, Dec 2016 - Oct 2019
MetaJolt is a multimedia aggregation and sharing platform that allows users to upload, embed, and share their favorite media with friends, family, and fans across numerous platforms. My job was to build a powerful application that was lightweight enough to run on a VPS.
Nginx, PHP, MariaDB, jQuery, VueJS, ezPHP and FFMPEG
GamersLinkup - Website Developer
Contract | January 2017
GamersLinkup was a Social Networking site targeted at gamers from a game called DCUOCensus. My task was to integrate a Forum software named Vanilla Forums so that when you logged into the main site you would then log into the Forums automatically.
PHP and Daybreak Census API
TopFrag, LLC - Website Developer
Contract | August 2016 - October 2016
TopFrag was a betting analysis website for the popular game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is very popular amongst the community and was known as one of the analysis websites period. I managed and maintained the website as well as developed a Marketplace by hard coding features into the Wordpress software that was used.
PHP, Smarty, MySQL and Wordpress
CSGopher - Website Developer
Contract | November 2015, February 2016
CSGopher was a betting discussion website for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It offered a variety of information allowing visitors to get the latest updates on a specific match. My job was to create an Administration panel so administrators could add Matches, Streams, News, Leagues & Articles.
PHP, Smarty and MySQL


Qrindr - Match Creator
July 2019 - Present
Matchmaking made easier for players who are looking to compete in Quake Champions. It allows players to connect with eachother and create tournament-styled matches.
Bootstrap, PHP, MariaDB, AngularJS and Nginx
House of Typing - Esports Competition
March 2017 - May 2017, August 2018 - September 2018
An esports competition site showcasing some of the fastest typists around the world. Players can get the chance to earn money from winning in tournaments.
Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS and Nginx
ezPHP - Template Engine
December 2016
ezPHP is a template engine that is heavily inspired by Smarty. The goal of it is to offer a better way of controlling the data sent out to a template and effortlessly upgrade the scale of the application.